Short Stories

By most definitions, short stories range from between 1,000 words to 20,000 words. The stories here are all less than 10,000 words. These stories have a little more time for character development. They won’t punch you in the gut, but they’ll hold you hostage for a while.

Spark— Mysterical-E Summer 2006– Bo’s client lost the woman when the spark was gone. When Bo follows the embers, will she find that spark or has it burnt out long ago?

Private Eyes and Ears– Crime and Suspense April 2007– We have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. What can Bo hear when she asks the right people the right questions about a cop’s dead wife?

Old Adversaries– Nefarious May 2007– When Bo’s investigation leads her to an old friend, will the old rivarly get in her way?

Failing Mark– Long Story Short July 2007– A man’s son is doing badly in school. Can Bo figure out what’s going on and convince her client that it’s the truth?

Atoner— New Mystery Reader July 2007– When a man’s wife commits suicide, he calls Bo to help prove he’s not guilty. What secrets can the suicide note reveal to Bo?

Assortment of Bullies– Crime and Suspense July 2007– Bo’s investigating an assualt. What she finds is a handfull of bullies who speak a language she understands. But will that find her the answers she’s looking for?

False Impressions— Yellow Mama August 2007– First impressions are not always accurate. Especially when someons’ trying to hide.

Dead Tired— Mysterical-E Fall 2007– When Bo investigates a young man’s death, what will she do with the truth?

Beaten to the Punch— Yellow Mama October 2007– Someone stole a notebook from Bo’s apartment, which she takes rather personally. She’s going to kick some ass until she finds out who and why. (scroll down to find story)

Misguided Flight— Darkest Before the Dawn Novemeber 2007– Bo’s looking fora girl who’s disappeared. It’s not the where that’s a problem it’s the why. And the who’s waiting at the end of the trail.

Skeletons of Past Loves— Sons of Spade January 2008– In unraveling the mystery behind a skeleton found on an abandoned property, Bo finds some skeletons of old affairs in a couple family’s closets. She also finds murder.

Summer Highs– Crime and Suspense May/June 2008– Bo’s hired to hunt down an missing cell phone. But what’s so important about this phone? It’s who’s on the other end. (Subscription site.)

Par for the Course– Pulp Pusher May 2008– A golf course has been vandalized with the word “whore”. Who’s that whore in question and who did they piss off?

Missing, but Not Missed— Back Alley Webzine April 2008– Bo’s been hired to find a girl that no one really cares about. The trail leads her to a remote location and a couple bodies. (Scroll down)

Medium-Well— Yellow Mama June 2008– Bo’s been hired to find out who’s body was left burnt on the lakeshore. And why. Hopefully without ending up well-done herself.

Family Affairs of Adult Children— Mysterical-E Fall 2008. Bo’s trying to uncover the secrets that kids are hiding from their parents. Secrets of love and lust.

Mighty Maids Mystery— Yellow Mama Dec 2008– Someone killed the maid.  Was it the boyfriend, the wealthy homeowner, or someone else?  Is it possible for Bo to find out without putting her own life in danger?  Of course not, but you can see how it turns out!

Black and Pink and Blond All Over– Crooked Ezine– February 2009– (One of my favorites!)  In this tale, Bo’s case crosses with an official police case.  And lands her right in the way of some guys who don’t much care for her poking around into their auto and other business.  Bo’s gotta use her body, her fists, and her brains to get out of this one.

Hit Women— Beat to a Pulp– August 2009– Someone sent a hit man– or rather, a hit woman– after Bo.  She sets out to find out who and why.  It’ll be a show down between two hard hitting women.

Least Favorite Son– Family drama, a neighborhood feud, and a least-favorite son.  The son’s either looking for approval or acting out of revenge and Bo’s about to expose everything.  Previously appeared at Darkest Before the Dawn– May 2009– coming soon as an e-book from Untreedreads! 


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