Flash Fiction

Stories in this section are all under 1,000 words. Short reads that go quickly. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be left holding your midsection wonder just what the hell happened.

–Some stories are no long available on line–

Game Over— originally appeared at Quiction Online, reprinted at www.bofexler.blogspot.comBo makes a bet and wins. But how and will he pay up?

Sticky– Muzzle Flash January 07–Bo’s just trying to repo a truck for some quick cash, but things, like her arm, get sticky.

Crime-Scene Clean-Up– Muzzle Flash January 07–The body’s gone, but can Bo get the guy to reveal his role?

All the Good and Tensions— Powderburn Flash January 2007– Who brought two women back together, and why? Can Bo get to the bottom of this before things go wrong?

Mantrap— Powderburn Flash February 2007– How far will Bo go to get a man to tell her what she wants to know about a parking lot beating? Or how low?

Second Fall– Muzzle Flash February 2007– Is Bo just as successful with women as she is with men?

Lord of His Domain— Powderburn Flash February 2007– A young man has withdrawn. Can Bo figure out what’s going on? Is it more than just computer games?

Bad Set-up– Muzzle Flash April 2007– A missing real estate agent and a bad plan means Bo lands herself in trouble.

Cat Nip— Powderburn Flash May 2007– Bo snags a girls phone to catch a cheater with some choice bait.

Lay and Lie– Muzzle Flash June 2007– Someone’s been sleeping in Bo’s bed. Can she get them to confess? (Reprinted at Twist of Noir, March 6, 2009.)

Good Crook, Bad Cop, part 1– Muzzle Flash August 2007– Bo’s been busted. Is she slicker than the cops? Or will her friend rat them both out?

Good Crook, Bad Cop, part 2– Muzzle Flash August 2007– Bo’s been busted. She knows she slick, but is she slick enough to slide out of the charges?

Matters of Privacy— Powderburn Flash September 2007– How seriously does Bo take her own privacy? How far would she go?

Bad Dream– originally appeared at Muzzle Flash Novemeber 2007, then put into Out of the Gutter #4– Bo slips into a man’s life like a dream. A bad dream.

Celiac’s Are People, Too–Fictional Musings November 2007– A celiac is used to being ill. Could that be reason for murder, or just cover-up?

Holiday Beating— Powderburn Flash December 2007– Tis the season for beatings and ill-will.

Cupid’s Bullet— Bo Fexler, PI blog, part of Patti Abbot’s Valentine’s Day Flash Fiction blog event– Bo’s date takes a turn.

Family Resemblence— Powderburn Flash March 2008– Bo’s investigation into a women’s adoption claims shows that there’s more family resemblence than the girl realized.

Head for Revenge— Powderburn Flash June 2008– Bo’s out for revenge. Against who and why?

Weaker Sex— Posted on http://www.bofexler.blogspot.com October 20, 2008, part of Patti Abbott’s Fall Fiction Challenge.

Sex Act– Originally at Muzzle Flash September 2008. Bo’s screwing around.


Big Instruments– Muzzle Flash March 2008– in this tale, a young man learns something important about the curious advertising language for penis-enhancement ads.


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