Links– Useful Information

Useful Information for writing and research.  Or just procrastinating.

Absolute Write: Water Cooler–forum full of crazy people writers.  I’m the one with the porcupine avatar.

Duotrope’s-– a site that collects information on publications.  Kind of like a Writer’s Market book, but on the web, updated continually, and free (though they do appreciate donations.)

Crimespot— blog feed aggregator.  I go here when I’m looking for interesting things to read from others in the crime writing genre.  I’m adding more and more of these people to my Google Reader though.

Graveyard Shift— Leelofland runs a fantastically informative site over here.  I have his book too.

BookEnds LLC— agent blog, great for learning about Agent Land

Janet Reid— agent blog, because you can never have too much information on how things work in agenting

Writer Beware site— great info on the dark sides of publishing

PreEditors and Editors— site that keeps track of agents, editors, etc, noting good and bad.

Pub Rants— another agent blog

Miss Snark— agent in disguise, blogging snarkily about writers, agents, and other things.   Site is no longer updated, but archives remain and most of the information is still valid.

Social Security Administrations index of baby names-– this is fun, and useful for coming up with names.  You can even search by year, say if you needed to come up with a name for a 70 year old woman or something.

Turkey City Lexicon— common mistakes that newbie (or rookie) writers make.  An amusing read and a good checklist.


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