Links– Other Authors

Others like me.  Well, more or less.

Patti Abbott— she muses about all sorts of aspects of fiction.  Gets a lot of comments, so it’s kind of like a gathering place.

r2— I try to keep up with where this guy has stories.  He writes some pretty hardcore stuff.

Frank Zafiro— police procedural writer, both of novels and shorts.  Also one of the first writers I met online who as able to help me learn the craft.  Many thanks to Frank.

Travis Erwin— A Texan writer of humor and women’s fiction.  He’s fun to read and I hope he gets his book(s) out.

Barbara Martin— writer of dark fantasy.  She has some lovely photos on her site.

Sandra Seamans— writer of crime fiction and collector of information regarding crime fiction markets.

Ten Pound Press— another writer of crime fiction

Martin Edwards— crime writer from the other side of the pond.

Sara’s Blog— crime writer from the London area.

Bitter Water Blog— where country noir writer Patrick  Shawn  Bagley hangs out

Batholomew von Klick— writer and student.

The Tainted Archive–Gary Dobbs, western writer amongst other things.


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