Links– Fun Things

Fun things that may or may not have anything to do with writing.  And they may or may not be useful.  Just fun.

Cliterature— women, literature, and sex.  That’s my sort of site!

Crime Space— a social network for crime writers and readers.

Mousotron–this little bugger tracks how many miles you’ve moused, how many clicks you clicked.  Completely useless, but amusing.

Cake Wrecks— so-called professional cakes gone wrong (and sometimes right.)  A little laugh or wretching is always a nice way to take a break from writing.

xkcd— an intelligent web comic.  I love intelligent humor.

SP Studio (South Park)– this site lets you make your own guys that look like characters from South Park.

Write or Die— a site that “punishes” you when you stop writing.  You can set the timer or settings, but if you pause too long, there’s a punishment.   When you finish, you can paste your text into a Word document or something.

89X radio— alt rock radio station.  You can listen to live streaming music over the internet.  My fave radio station.

Mouse Print— a site that exposes coporate shenanigans (and the things that are in that print so small only a mouse could read it.  Get it?)

FMy  Life— short confessional posts of people who think they’re life (or at least that moment) is fucked.  Entertaining, and great character study.  I say that about a lot of my voyeuristic tendencies.  =)


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